Projected Slide Installation 

A Map through Time – My Life on Slides commemorates the once-important relationship we humans had with a technology that is now disappearing. In this time of technological escalation, I am rescuing life’s memories once entrusted to projected film and reveal their fragility. Empty slide mounts are joined together to form a 42”X 28” projection screen. An old projector is used to project slide images, on a 30 second timer. The heat and sound of the projector are as much part of the art as the image. Nostalgic white noise of the fan and the click of the changing slide focus the viewer on the changing images that are broken by the screen full of holes and the wall behind where the images appear as a grid. The slide images are of universally shared experiences such as birth, home, and family celebrations. The holes in the images are like holes in a memory. I hope my art will serve to represent us, and document the time in which we live, to viewers in the future.

Installation at VAE Gallery


Awarded 1st Place, Latitude/Longitude, Visual Art Exchange Gallery, Raleigh, NC

Exhibited at 525,6000 MINS, Waterworks Art Center Museum, Salisbury N.C. 

Solo show, Rescuing Memories, at The Mahler Fine Art Gallery, Raleigh, N.C.

Friend standing in front of the art at The Mahler

42”X 28” projection screen made of empty slide mounts. 

Screen with projected slide image of a hot air balloon that appears as a broken image on the wall behind.