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Artist Statement

The obsolescence of once critical technologies is a recurring theme in my art. It began with inheriting forty years of slides, and realizing our daughter's wedding pictures were on floppy discs. Each disc and slide, like my great-grandmother's quilts made from clothing scraps, holds memories of a person, time, and place. Through repurposed analog and early digital objects, I document our path from analog to digital. This juxtaposition serves as a reminder of the personal and collective significance these objects once held. It memorializes the images, data, and narratives once stored on these technologies.

​In the era of advancing technologies, the allure of 'THE NEW' can overshadow our past connections. The transient nature of an object's importance raises questions about our obligation to its history. I aim to memorialize our once vital connection to older technologies, freezing the memories they hold hostage in perpetual time. What may not be obsolete today will be soon.

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