Nest Installations 

Leatha Koefler with Brenda Brokke

Leatha Koefler 


Homebound Nest

This is our first movable nest. The red yarn is tied to large wire and fabric birds made by Amy Friend. Fall 2017

The Work of Art

Beta-Verde, Winston Salem, NC 2016

Every Spring Welcomes Its Turn

Art Installation at the Cary Arts Center, Cary, North Carolina 2016

Unnatural Nest

North Carolina Museum of Art 2015

Generation Nest

Installation at Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh, NC 2015

North Carolina nest

Built for SPARKcon Festival, Raleigh, N.C. 2013

Gravid Nest

The nest is five feet across. The large eggs are 19-22 inches long and the small eggs are 8-10 inches long. 2014