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Select Nest Installations

Nest Project

Cameron Art Museum 2021

I build nests as part of a team with Brenda Brokke. We have worked together more than 20 years, and have made about 20 nests. Our themed nest installations are typically built on site and are usually temporary. Some are built with community participation. They range in size from 4 feet to 16 feet in diameter. They stay on site for a few days to three months.    


Quilt Nest

Artsplosure 2019

Our nests symbolize home and sanctuary within nature. As part of nature, humans first built nests in the form of bomas, and wikiups using branches and leaves to give them shelter and safety.


These were among the first homes. No matter how sophisticated humans become, they are still part of nature. The nests we build express the link between humans and nature by using natural materials as elements of design and decoration, just as contemporary humans design and decorate their homes today.



Durham Art Guild 2020, Lucky Tree 2018, Artspace 2017


Every Spring Welcomes Its Turn

three nests, Cary Arts Center 2016

NCMA Nest.jpg

Un-Natural Nest

North Carolina Museum of Art 2015


Generation Nest 

VAE Gallery 2015

North Carolina Nest _

North Carolina Nest

Sparkcon Festival 2013

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