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Generation Nest

The nest represents the human habitat and the need to have a home and safety. It is supported by wooden chairs that mimic the way branches of a tree support nests.


The chairs are placed to show how families gather at the dining take and share their common bond. Each chair is different to illustrate, though part of a family, each member is unique. The nest resting on the chairs implies how the true fiber of a family rests on the laps of its members.


The nest itself is made of materials from nature and domestic items, including place settings, doilies, plates, cups, baking tins, and molds to further illustrate the idea of humans nesting.


The items are arranged in patterns like those found in textiles used in homes. The patterns also show domestic life and its repetition, the day-to-day routine. Even the floor, with fabric floral appliqués, hints at a pattern and ties the sculpture back to nature.

From the center of the Generation Nest rises a child’s chair holding another smaller nest. As families grow, another generation begins as does the hope for the future and an opportunity for the immortality of the bloodline.

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