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Un-Natural Nest

Concepts that formed this nest are inspired by Field Guide: James Prosek’s Un/Natural World. The nest is an extension and expression of the human need to classify, categorize, and order nature.  This assists in the humans' desire to understand nature.  


The nest is built on a white circular canvas printed in black with feathers, in the same manner as Prosek prints with eels.


This is a contemporary interpretation of gyotaku (Japanese fish printing). The outer circle imitates the markings of a clock since humans place time classifications on nature when we use labels like spring, autumn, etc.


The center feather prints spiral as an inviting labyrinth. The nest itself becomes un/natural as it is built of sticks that have been modified with paint.


Black and white are used to mimic Prosek's use of large black and white murals he prepares for his exhibitions. The colors are separate and layered.


Large brown feathers knit the two layers of color together and white birdhouses encircle the nest. They are certainly an extreme example of man ordering nature.

The birdhouses are miniature representations of human dwellings, which humans provide, inviting birds to be more like humans.

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